Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Platinum Day of Love !!!

To begin with I will start of by explaining what actually is Platinum. Platinum is one of the rarest of elements of Earth which exhibits a remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures, and as such is considered a noble metal. More over even if it reacts it is not as toxic as some metals.

Platinum in natural form
In a similar way a person starts his relation life with a view that he finds his Platinum. Some people find it in love marriages and some find it in arrange marriages.

Our's was a arrange marriage. Initial hic-up's when you try to know each other is the most wonderful days of life. Days passed by and we began to know each other. My wife is a working lady. One day around 12 in the noon I received a call from her that she was not feeling well and was having severe pain in her abdomen and she had left from the office in a cab for the hospital. 

I rushed to the hospital before she arrived, checked out all the available appointments for the doctor and arranged appropriate appointments. She arrived, and I could see her pain. Rushed her to the doctor and after doctor attended her, she was relaxed a bit. I sat next to her and she said "You relax" and I said "Now I am relaxed as you are all fine". It was a day a moment when we felt that our Love has grown stronger day by day and that was our -

an intimate and momentous date in a our journey of love when we discovered real love that can only begin, never end".

This is my entry for the Platinum Day of Love contest on IndiBlogger !!!!

P.S: All the images are taken from Google Image Search.


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