Thursday, July 18, 2013

Experiment with iOS 7 beta

A lot has been said by apple about their upcoming iOS, ios7, which is to be launched somewhere around in end of September or early October.

Being one of the techno geeks I tried to give a shot a try out iOS 7 beta on my iPhone 4 before the launch of original iOS.
Went on the google and searched how to download iOS 7 beta. 

I found that it can be downloaded only by the developers registered on apple.

But on further search I did found out the way which allowed non registered people to get a feel of iOS 7. 

Once you follow the process mentioned you can easily download the iOS. It went smooth. I liked the interface, the new icons, and the new way iPhone looked. Each and every change that they had made in the iOS is worth appreciating. After a day of experiment I found that my iPhone 4 went blank after every 15-20 minutes and I had to do a hard reset to get my phone working. Finally I was so fed by this bug that I went back and downgraded my phone to iOS 6. 

An eventful day of experiment can to an end and I kept remembering the statement written from where I downloaded iOS 7 - 

"iOS 7 beta is still a beta and not the original, so better wait for the original than to waste time on beta."

I thing is for sure and is to be learnt is "Patience pays, so be patient."

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