Friday, July 26, 2013

Friendship......Lifetime Bond !!! (Part 2)

A boy who has always been a sort of introvert during his school days, i.e, he never went out on parties, school picnics with his friends suddenly finds himself in a place where he is all by himself without his parents, relatives and school friends.

He was at the University for his higher studies. After schooling and having qualified the entrance exams, he moved into one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities of India. He had given it all to qualify for the all India ranked examinations and was quite full of joy to get through the exam. But he never knew what was to come his way.

It was the first time that he was away from people he knew. The excitement of handling everything by himself, sometimes did convert into fear that how he would handle everything by himself. With the initial trouble of getting a hostel room allotted he finally settles down in a new place.

But for a person who has never been all by himself it was hard to adjust.

One Sunday he heard one of his batch mate who was sitting with other hostel students in the adjacent room. The boy feeling lonely went to his batch mate room and sat to talk with them. The batch mate saw that although the boy was with him in his room chatting but he seemed to be distracted and was sad. The batch mate took out his guitar and started playing tunes on it.

After 15 minutes they all, including the boy, were singing and having fun. When every body left the batch mate came forward to the boy and said

"We all are here with you, so don't feel lonely". 

They both are now friends for life.

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