Monday, July 15, 2013

Stranger !!!

It was one of those Monsoon evenings when rain had stopped and with less of humidity, cool breeze was blowing around. I along with one of my friend went on for a walk in a nearby area.

Enjoying the cool breeze we both talking about the people around and the beauty of nature walked by the area where road had become undulated due to rain. As we passed we saw a person, of around 40 years, riding on his scooter suddenly lost his balance because of the a street dog and fell on the road. His helmet went flying and his head hit straight in the ground.

People gathered around. Initially no body even wanted to lift him up and see how he is. Then a person on a bike stopped came toward him picked him up, stopped auto and made him sit in it. What to say about others not even the auto wala was ready to take him to hospital, fearing he might get changed of hitting. The person on the bike asked if someone would accompany the man to hospital as he was unconscious, but no one steeped up. 

Leaving everything we had planned, me an my friend sat in the auto and took the aged man to hospital. We found his mobile and contacted his family. The doctor did his bit of dressing, and in few minutes one of the relative arrived. 

The aged man did not had much of injury but the incident did made us realize 

"How society runs away from its responsibilities".


  1. Abhinav agreed... it is like two sides of coin, there are arguments stating that the system of taking an injured to hospital or reporting a case is so complicated that everyone gets discouraged.
    However, kudos! am sure at least one them went back with a guilt and will react responsibly next time

    1. Ya Sugandha, I too hope atleast one of them went back with a guilt, cause that one person would create awareness next time around !!!